hometown: Los Angeles, CA

categories: Garage, Punk

for fans of: Ty Segall, Black Lips, OFF!

why you should check them out:
Confession: This is the band I wanted to be; the band my mother feared I’d become. To embark on a permanent lost weekend, to quench my thirst for lowbrow brew and dive headlong and headstrong into the California surf. No excuses, no direction, the sun at my back with guitars ablaze. And, I can only assume, tacos… FIDLAR, the exuberance of wasted youth.

background check:
FIDLAR (pronounced FID-lar) stands for Fuck it Dog, Life’s a Risk – a slurred rally cry and a way of life for four brash youngsters who currently have their hands wrapped around the throat of the Los Angeles punk scene. Since 2009, friends Zac Carper, Brandon Schwartzel, and the brothers Kuehn – Max and Elvis, whose dad played keys in the legendary 80’s hardcore outfit T.S.O.L. – have been building their reputation as garage punk champions by playing loud and loose and have been christened the #1 Band to Watch in 2012 by LA Weekly. And with good reason.

FIDLAR is more than just another helping of sterile garage slop. These guys are solid musicians who’ve taken their DIY mission and tattooed it on their sleeve. Building momentum on the strength of their live shows and their four-song EP DIYDUI (along with a handful of tracks working the web), FIDLAR frames a rowdy, yet honest picture of four California lads who’ve forsaken irony for a fucking laugh and a never ending buzz.

Their songwriting approach is a no frills marriage between melodic distortions and ringing guitar, backed with anthemic lyrics that drive their fuck-it-all attitude home. FIDLAR’s simple, unapologetic aesthetic is a contagious affair – I’ve played their EP over and over again on the losing end of a cheap twelve pack - and should leave you satisfied until their debut full-length arrives in June.


buy more music: click here


  1. hmm, how my brain works, utterly obsessed or uninterested.

    …and you guys got me very interested, thanx

    any plans to play in Berlin, Germany ?
    cheers beate

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