Fleet Foxes

Fleet Foxes - White Winter Hymnal

fleet foxesArtist: Fleet Foxes

Hails From: Seattle, WA

Musical Style: Folk Rock, Indie Rock

For Fans of: The Moody Blues, Crosby Stills and Nash, Animal Collective

Why you should check them out:

Self described as baroque pop, Fleet Foxes are five friends brought together by their mutual love of multi-part harmonies and talent for creating atmospheric folk rock.  With recent tours alongside Wilco and Blitzen Trapper, and two releases in 2008 alone, Fleet Foxes top the list as one of the best live performances you’ll have the chance to see this year.

Background check:

I first heard Fleet Foxes this past March while rushing around San Francisco trying to make two different concerts in one night. We had just seen a few bands across town as we jumped into the car and sped over to Bottom of the Hill, one of the most intimate venues the city has to offer.  As we finally made our way through the doors, we were met with an unfamiliar scene in the packed club, everyone was attentively watching the five woodsy looking guys playing on stage, not a single person was talking over the music. And the Fleet Foxes were, capturing the audience with their echoing multi-part harmonies, somber guitars, and building rhythms they have recently gained so much attention for.

The early formation of their music began when best friends, Robin Pecknold (vocals/guitar) and Skyler Skjelset (guitar) started writing songs together in high school.  A few years later, Fleet Foxes emerged with the help of fellow Seattle musicians Nicholas Peterson (drums), Bryn Lumsden (bass), and Casey Wescott (keyboards).  After the debut of their self released EP (2006), Fleet Foxes caught the attention of Sub pop records who consequently released both their self titled full-length and the EP Sun Giant in 2008 alone.  Despite an ever growing list of tour dates and increased media exposure, Fleet Foxes maintain a humble and authentic portrait of a band who continually seem more surprised by their recent success then everyone else.  Simply put, Fleet Foxes are five down to earth guys backed by irresistable melodies and incredible songwriting talent.

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Where you can find them on tour:


categories: Folk Rock, Indie Rock


  1. TaraWall says:

    They sound like angels, so beautiful.

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