Frightened Rabbit

Frightened Rabbit - Head Rolls Off

Frightened Rabbit

Artist: Frightened Rabbit

Hails From: Selkirk, Scotland

Musical Style: Alternative Pop/Rock, Indie Pop

For Fans of: Shins, Arcade Fire, Belle and Sebastian

Why you should check them out:

Frightened Rabbit will fill the hole in your musical void if you are looking for something a little sad, a little sweet and really Scottish.  The brothers Hutchinson, create sincere (oftentimes acoustic) guitar-driven music coupled with insightful lyrics about relationships, mostly bad ones.

Background Check:

With a much bolder sound then their name suggests, Frightend Rabbit started off as a project of singer/songwriter, Scott Hutchinson recording on a 4-track. A few months later Scott was joined by his brother Grant on drums and finally David Kennedy on guitar and Andy Monaghan on keys.  The Scottish group has certainly begun to build a strong fanbase in the US, and gained additional notoriety when their song, “Good Arms VS Bad Arms” was featured on Grey’s Anatomy.

Frighened Rabbit has recorded two albums, with a rumored third on the way, and has extensively toured the US an Europe (gaining a prized opening slot for Death Cab for Cuties Euro tour). Singer Scott Hutchinson’s heavily accented and emotional voice makes his introspective lyrics even more appealing, as he pleads his way through great songs sure to capture your heart. More is definitely on the way for this band.

Where you can find them in cyberspace:


Frightened Rabbit website

On Tour:


categories: Indie Pop, Indie Rock

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