Ghost and Gale

Ghost and Gale - Take Me To The Fire
licenseTake Me To The Fire|Ghost and Gale

hometown: San Francisco, CA

categories: Americana, Folk Rock

for fans of: Iron & Wine, The Civil Wars, The David Mayfield Parade

why you should check them out:
San Francisco duo Ghost and Gale make beautiful music that rests somewhere in that dreamy realm between Americana and folk. The duo’s debut EP ranges from soft and caressing to raucous and driving, all in the span of a song or verse. Full of beautiful ballads and soft-spoken harmonies, it’s an easy release to take in and enjoy.

background check:
Brodie Jenkins and David Luning, who together make up Ghost and Gale, are Bay Area products through and through. Both Jenkins and Luning grew up in Sonoma County where they absorbed the rich folk history of the surrounding area. Now, as Ghost and Gale, the two have brought their own take on folk and Americana music to San Francisco.

The duo’s debut EP, released November of 2013, manages to fill a six-song, twenty-two minute space with a whole heap of emotion. Opening track “Take Me to the Fire,” one of the group’s first singles, uses emphatic vocals and a growing rhythm to build and build until an abrupt finish leads to calmer waters. The EP clearly carries a lot of emotional weight with Jenkins and Luning, touching on prominent topics of love and relationships throughout.

Ghost and Gale seem to have found the perfect balance between lyrics and instrumentation with their debut EP. Vocal harmonies soar above strings and percussion, neither drowning out the other. From ballads to upbeat numbers, it’s a refreshing and melancholic release that will soundtrack the coming spring season perfectly.

By: Tyler Ross


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  1. Chris Faust says:

    Hearing some faint X type harmonies making these two hauntingly interesting. I’ll be searching them today.

  2. [...] to accompany fellow synth pop musicians Blackbird Blackbird on tour, and Jenkins, of folk rock band Ghost and Gale, also San Francisco born and bred, have married their two musical traditions together to thoroughly [...]

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