My Goodness

November Band of the Month Winner: My Goodness

My Goodness - C'mon Doll

mySpoonful is very excited to announce My Goodness as the winner of the November Band of the Month poll as chosen by you! Check them out again below and get another chance to download “C’Mon Doll”! Thank you to everyone who participated. The December poll is already heating up so make sure to check out all this months bands and ‘like’ the ones you like best!

hometown: Seattle, WA

categories: Grunge, Indie Rock

for fans of: The Black Keys, White Stripes, Pearl Jam

background check:
Here's an exclusive interview with My Goodness:

Anne from mySpoonful (mS): So we, like many others, are totally guilty of comparing you guys to fellow rock duos The Black Keys and The White Stripes, have you gotten to the point where you just accept those comparisons?

My Goodness(MG):We are both big fans of The White Stripes and The Black Keys. Being compared to great musicians is always flattering. But we have created our own unique sound, and in the end, we want to be recognized for staying true to what makes us My Goodness.

mS: You both had been playing in bands before My Goodness formed, what was it about playing together those first few times that made you so excited about this project?

MG:Ethan and I met at the music venue/bar that we were both working at. We jammed a few times for fun, and decided to play for our employee jam night (most of our coworkers are musicians as well). The reaction was so positive and ecstatic, we decided to invest in what we had already started to create, and see where it led us. Thus far, it has been quite the exciting journey.

mS: You have mentioned in previous interviews that you both didn't grow up with a lot of music in your homes, do you remember the first time that playing music really clicked for you?

MG:I (Joel) was not exposed to popular music growing up, but I would sneak a little am/fm radio under my pillow and listen to the local rock station. Alice and Chains, Pearl Jam, and Nirvana were all on constant rotation, and something in me was completely enveloped in the local music scene.

mS: What impact has living in Seattle had on shaping your sound?

MG:Growing up in Seattle you couldn't turn on a local rock station for more than a few minutes without hearing a Seattle band. Even though I was just a kid in the early 90's this was my first exposure to Seattle music and really set the blueprint for my future taste in music. In high school (99-03) we had a fantastic hardcore scene in the city. I was constantly going to shows at local teen centers and all ages venues to see bands such as Botch, Murder City Devils, Blood Brothers and many more. Although I listened to other music in high school, I was always most excited about Seattle music. It always seemed a little heavier and more heartfelt than most of the other bands I listened to at the time.

mS: Any fellow Seattle artists that people should know about?

MG:Constant Lovers, The First Times, Helms Alee and Strong Killings are all making their mark on the hard rock music scene. Their collective passion is infectious, and in my opinion, is reminiscent of the early 90's scene that put Seattle on the map.

mS: You released your self-titled debut album this year, what have been the highlights as a band thus far?

MG:Of course all the local Seattle love has been more than appreciated. Opening for We Are Augustines, who had the #1 alternative record on iTunes this year, was a real pleasure. Meeting people as passionate as we are about music is always the ultimate gratification.

mS: Your album has been popping up on some Best Of 2011 lists so far, were you prepared for such an immediate positive response having only been a band for a short time?

MG:We are forever humbled by the public reaction to our music, especially from our very own local heroes (KEXP, Seattle Weekly). Our goal for the year ahead to is expose the rest of the world to our music, and hope it resonates in the same way that is has here in Seattle.

mS: Your debut is coming out on vinyl this January, did you always intend on releasing this album on vinyl as well? How did it come about?

MG:We are both big fans of vinyl. The artistic aspect of holding a 12x10 vinyl record cover is timeless. We enjoyed being apart of the creative process and can't wait to release the finished product to our fans.

mS: What plans are in the works for My Goodness in 2012?

MG:2012 is going to be a big year for My Goodness. We plan on being on the road more than ever, and are in the process of writing new songs. Seattle has been a huge part of our baby steps, but we are ready to make an impact on the rest of the world. So watch out!

mS: What's the best part about playing as a duo?

MG:We feed off of each others' energy. Its all real, all raw, and 100% authentic. Our live shows are always when we feel completely comfortable and at home.


  1. Kent Weber says:

    Dope single.

    Definitely deserving of Band of the month.

    Questions – Are they related to the Black Keys???
    How is this like The XX?

    Sorry to be a lil negative, but damn the audio on that vid sucks…

    Still kick ass band. GOOD CALL.

  2. Matt Jukam says:

    If you like My Goodness and the black keys, check out Alabama Shakes!

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