Passion Pit

Passion Pit - Little Secrets

passion pitArtist: Passion Pit

Hails from: Cambridge, MA

Musical Style: Electronic, Pop, Rock

For Fans of: Human League, Pet Shop Boys, Hot Chip

Why you should check them out:

John Cusak would be proud.  Like a modern day Lloyd Dobler, Michael Angelakos uses song to swoon and (hopefully) get the girl of his dreams. Passion Pit is the proverbial stereo raised above shoulders, as you stare out the window in wonder.

Background check:

What began as a valentines day gift from one gushing romantic to his girlfriend has grown into Passion Pit. Michel Angelakos sought to share his love with his own personal muse but soon the synth ladden songs that Angelakos wrote and recorded found their way into the hands of friends, family and a budding bunch of starry eyed fans.

Angelakos fills his songs with tener, personal trinkets, like the little inside jokes reserved only for his special someone. His blend of engaging electronic indie pop and gushing gooey lyrics renders even the sternest listener a little weak in the knees. After word spread of the blissful, elated sounds of Passion Pit, even the amorous Frenchkiss records couldn’t resist their ode to love, re-releasing the album with added tracks in 2008. Heavy on handclaps, falsetto melodies and a generous heaping of enthusiastic beats, Passion Pit’s debut engaged the body as much as the heart.

The EP became know as Chunk of Change and Angelakos promptly enlisted four more hopeless romantics to support his electro pop sounds live as Passion Pit began selling out shows in NYC.  Passion Pit soon opened for the likes of Death Cab for Cutie, Girl Talk and other high brow indie acts. Now as a five man romance machine, Passion Pit are striking out, touring and recording a new full length, sure to swoon the hearts of dreamers everywhere.

Where you can find them in Cyberspace:


Frenchkiss Records


On tour:


categories: Electronic, Indie Pop


  1. TaraWall says:

    Passion Pit! I LOVE this entire album, so much fun to dance to, and they are great live!!

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