Taxes - Acquaintances, Accomplices

hometown: San Francisco, CA

categories: Indie Rock

for fans of: Jimmy Eat World, Sunny Day Real Estate, Manchester Orchestra

why you should check them out:
One of the key components of any good tragedy is the use of humor. It accentuates the pain; it makes the melancholy more palatable and allows you to swallow the thing whole, whether or not you like it. Taxes is a band that knows how to play these conflicting emotions off each other and deliver the hardest punch possible. Lead singer Robby Cronholm writes emotive pop songs about his relationships and his own self-reflections. In every song there are equal amounts of pain and wit, which is an effective formula. Their debut LP, It’s Always Something, showcases the band’s superb songwriting and powerful dynamics. It’s the type of record that you can find new meaning in every time you listen to it. Cronholm leads the charge with the songs, but the band is instrumental in delivering a walloping sound that matches the pain of the lyrics note for note.

background check:
Taxes is the creation of former Crumb lead singer, Robby Cronholm, who started the project a few years after the disbandment of Crumb. Taxes released their debut EP, This is Going to End Badly, in the Spring of 2010 and followed up with a full length record, It’s Always Something, that shoots for a sound as large as the emotions in the songs. The band is made up of 6 members and is often augmented by the luscious string arrangements of Magik*Magik Orchestra that makes their songs all the more dramatic and powerful. Their live show is equally compelling and showcases the band’s collective chops. The group has played with American Music Club, The Dodos and John Vanderslice. Their music and the reaction from their audience proves that people are still very eager to relate to a heart-on-your-sleeve kind of band.

Taxes next show is at The Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco on Thursday December 8, 2011.


on tour: click here

buy more music: click here


  1. [...] – “Acquaintances, Accomplices” via [...]

  2. MissLori says:

    Sometime you just wanna hear some happy tunes.

  3. alex says:

    i like bunnies

  4. [...] Taxes is an unsigned indie rock band from San Francisco whose debut LP was released in late 2011 and is now available on iTunes. Take a listen below and download one of their songs here. [...]

  5. [...] While the songs are relatively simple, the confessional style lyrics about romantic relationships, life and regret take listeners on an emotional rollercoaster ride, whisking them through relatable experiences, which end up in self-reflection on both ends (band and listener). It’s almost like listening to a diary in the form of an 8-song LP. According to mySpoonful: [...]

  6. [...] the ones you like best!For more music and info on Taxes, please see their original spoonful.hometown: San Francisco, Cacategories: Indie Rockfor fans of: Jimmy Eat World, Sunny Day Real [...]

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