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My Spoonful is an online community dedicated to providing you with lifestyle choices that promote health, proper nutrition, and fitness options that lead to wellness and a positive life. Our editorial team is comprised of industry experts who approach the idea of wellness from a scientific perspective.

We provide you with articles, think pieces, and editorials that are all designed to help you live life positively via fitness regimens that fit your schedule, diet suggestions that cut down on the toxic and the artificial, and information about various health issues for every age group.

Raised by proud hippie parents, Mariana learned early on how to be attuned with nature and has lived life to maintain her harmony with the world around her. She has been studying and practicing veganism for almost 20 years, and has written about her knowledge for various lifestyle magazines across the country.
Mariana Schwann

Victoria Smith received her Bachelors degree in Nutrition from one of the top schools in the west coast, and has been actively involved in promoting proper nutrition and diets for teens. During her studies, she noticed that many students her age were malnutritioned and suffering from eating disorders, which is why she now dedicates her time to lecturing about the dangers of eating disorders to her community.
Victoria Smith

The fitness bug bit Anthea early, getting herself involved in various athletic programs at the age of 10 and she hasn’t stopped since. From surfing and rock climbing to crossfit and basketball, if it involves getting active, you can bet she’s involved in it! As an adult, she took her love for the active lifestyle up a notch by becoming a professional fitness coach and nutrition specialist. She dedicates her time running community wellness programs because she belives a healthy community is a happy community.
Anthea Ridley

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