Great Winter Treat Ideas

As the northerners in the hit tv series Game of Thrones says; “Winter is coming”. Famous tagline to talk about, what are some of the great treats we could prepare when winter is here?

It has been written that some studies show that many people tend to crave more comfort foods during this time of the year. ( People stay more indoors and get less sunlight makes us think of getting more carbs. Sugar-rich foods, meals and drinks are likely to be craved for when the cold hits. It is said that because of the lack of sunlight and the body needing water, it is replaced by our bodies to be a bit more hungrier than usual.

Here are some treats and yummy meal preparations that can arranged during a cold winter season.

Healthy Oats or Porridge

An oatmeal when the winter season sets, is fun, quick, healthy option. There is a variety of things you could to make it healthier and yummier. Served warm for the stomach and the body cope with the chill. It is not heavy and it doesn’t add to the calories.

A way to improve an oatmeal is to try onto add fruits or maybe some boiled chicken. Blueberry are common but you may try some mangoes, or bananas or strawberries. Some people prefer nuts and some raisin to get give their winter oatmeal some flavor and heaviness.

Cocoa may be added to change the common oatmeal from plain to awesome.

Oatmeals are very easy to prepare for the winter, you add some hot water on your oats, may be instant may be the old fashioned ones. Add a bit of sugar, sometimes salt, and milk. Mix in the other additions mentioned and you now enjoy a healthy, awesome treat.


Beef or Pork Stew with potatoes

Nothing like having a nice bowl of hot soup when it is cold and matching it with pork or beef to keep it to be a scrumptious and a substantial meal for the you and your family. When you are unable to leave the house or not feeling like going out because of the cold, this meal will surely make you stay at home and enjoy the warmth.

With hearty chunks of meat or pork, this could easily turn a simple supper into a feast. Kids would also fall in love with fresh vegetables with potatoes. A great thing about this recipe is that you can also customize it, especially if you’ve got kids around. Kids are usually picky when there are talks of vegetables and their greens. This dish could overcome the idea of the bad taste in their palettes. The soup can be easily matched with carrots, onions and cabbage.

Preparing this great meal for the winter cold is virtually unchallenging. The main thing to keep in mind is that the ingredients are the most preferred like the meat, the potatoes, the spices, and the vegetables. Cut the meat the potatoes into chunks, prepare the soup, add the spices and you’d have a great way to warm your family and friend’s bellies.

Other great a additions to the recipe would be garlic, vinegar and celery.

For other versions, you can learn here as well:


Waffle, Bacon and Eggs

From main courses, let’s talk about breakfast and nothing beats a classic. Although this can be prepared in any regular day, winter does have an effect to people that make us want to eat more, especially food with more calories.

Researchers are theorizing that a change in the season affects people’s hormones like leptin, glucocorticoids and gherlin, which is associated with hunger and appetite. Making most of us eat larger amounts of fatty and sugary foods. (

Waffles are staple in American breakfasts, it does become extra tastier during cool weathers. With a dash of margarin and maple syrup, it surely can help with the cravings for sweets. Adding bacon and eggs to compliment the delicious waffles, serves as your daily dose of protein.


Meal-Sized Salad

For diet-conscious individuals, when the cool winds come, a great serving of a salad keeps your waist size to normal ranges during the cold. Inactivity due to the cold season is an issue since we do tend to stay-in and eat. Having at least one meal-sized salads during the cold season, can give you great balance in your diet.

An idea for a salad would include lettuce, croutons, onions, boiled egg, tomatoes, and cucumber. If you want it to be more buff for your meal, you can then add some chunks of chicken, some raisins and some nuts.

As for the dressing here are some options:

  • Ceasar dressing
  • Garlic Ranch
  • Pomegranate Vinaigrette
  • Apple Vinaigrette
  • Honey Mustard Dressing

Other than meal treats for the winter, here are some warm drinks you can for the cold season:

Tea with a twist

Improve your everyday tea by crushing some cardamom, cloves, and peppercorns. Boil them with cinnamon sticks, ginger, milk, and water. Use a strainer to drain with the tea bags and you’d have some Chia Tea.

Hot Cocoa in winter

To make your average chocolate drink extra special, add some whipped cream or some melting marshmallows. Hot cocoa is a staple drink during winter season and we do tend to indulge in warm drinks during cool weathers.

After preparing the hot cocoa, just heat an oven or toaster oven, place the marshmallows in a foil and broil until golden.


Nutella coffee

Another classic with a kick. Who does like coffee and nutella? Some won’t but majority will surely flip. And the ultimate cold buster during a cool morning day, coffee.

Just warm the chocolate goodness in a pan until melted. Prepare your brew and mix your chocolate. This is how simple the mix is to overcome the breeze of the winter season.


Hot White Peppermint Milk

Who says you can not have fun with plain old milk? When winter hits, you can optimize what’s in the kitchen even the boring (for some), old milk. The key here is also your preference of milk either skimmed or whole.

For this to be special, we have to add a half teaspoon of either peppermint or mint extract. Also for extra taste and sweetness, add some white chocolate shavings into the mix while heating them together. Doesn’t have to boil but at least steamy. Stir until the drink is smooth and serve.


Hazelnut Dark Chocolate Drink

In times when we need to be comforted in the cold, this warm concoction should make you feel better. Hazelnut has been proven to be very good in taste when mixed with chocolate. To make the sweetness of sugar in the chocolate drink, the bit of sour taste in dark chocolate would give the warm goodness an interesting twist. Also very easy to create as you’d just need your favorite dark chocolate shavings and hazelnut powder to add to your warm cocoa.

Indulge with these treat ideas for winter at the same time assisting you in controlling your waistline. Understanding that we do sometimes tend to stay in and have inactivity for a period of time is very important in watching over the things we eat during the cold season.

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