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4 Must-Try Things to Do in Singapore for a Fun Night Out

Singapore is internationally known as a business hub teeming with opportunities. But that’s not the only interesting thing about The Lion City. It’s ranked as the safest country in the world, beating Japan, making it an ideal tourist destination.

Spending the night in Singapore is fun, safe, and exciting. Here are just four of the amazing things you can do to enjoy the night the Singaporean way:

Singapore’s first standalone rooftop bar

Chill with your friends and enjoy locally-inspired dishes and cocktails in Loof, an urban garden sitting at the top of Odeon Towers in downtown CBD. The Loof is well-known among the locals as one of the best cocktail bars in Singapore where you can enjoy great food while jamming to amazing music by prominent local DJs and artists.

You could also get your fill of local souvenirs at their Mamashop. They also offer special packages if you want the entire place for a special occasion.

Snigapore Night Life

Haw Par Villa Twilight Walking Experience

If you’re big on learning about a country’s history, culture, and philosophy, a walk at night in the Haw Par Villa may be the best way to spend the night. Formerly known as the Tiger Balm Garden, it’s an 8.5-hectare cultural park filled with relics of Asian mythology.

You can book a 2-hour long tour in the park where you’ll get to enjoy adventure rides, learn about the tragic deaths of the park’s founders, and learn about the interpretation of afterlife in Singapore in the Ten Courts of Hell.

Everywhere you turn an animal deemed important in the Chinese culture, such as dragons, pandas, giant lobsters, leopards, tigers, and more.

Spectra Show at Marina Bay

Marina Bay offers a lot of fun activities for tourists and locals like a museum, resorts, a nature park, and more. One of the crowd favourites is the Spectra Show, a 15-minute free show of magnificent water and light display at night.

Displayed at the Event Plaza among the promenade, you’ll catch your breath as the gorgeous lights and water dance in harmony before you, along with a “beautiful symphony of music.” When the show is done, you can enjoy a quiet dinner at the numerous restaurants along the bay.


This one is for challenge-seekers who deeply enjoy solving puzzles and answering riddles. Xcape is the first provider of real room escape games in Singapore where you’ll get to be the main character of the game, with your sole objective of escaping the room before the time’s up.

Having 11 game themes, 52 chambers, and five outlets at the city centre, it has hosted over 96,500 groups with more than 628,800 players by the end of 2018.

Singapore is truly a centre of business, culture, and tourism. There’s always something to do for any types of tourists and for whatever mood you’re in. Whether you’re looking to party or enjoy a quiet night learning about the Asian culture, there’s a perfect activity for you.

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