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6 Things That You Need to Have for a Great Movie Night

There are times when you’re just too tired of going out every Friday night that all you want to do is to stay at home. A lot of people may think that it’s boring, but you can do a lot of things at home like watching a movie. Aside from ordering from a pizza restaurant in Singapore, how can you bring the movie party to you?

1. HDMI cable

You won’t be able to have a great movie night without an HDMI cable. Bear in mind that not all TV is a Smart TV. Having an HDMI cable with you is a great way to watch a movie from your laptop to your TV monitor. This cord is especially handy for college students that use laptops equipped with HDMI outlets. The College Juice says that you can watch anything you want on your computer and plug it to your standard room TV monitor by using the HDMI cable.

2. Large plastic bowl

A movie night party will not be complete without food. Aside from ordering pizza, you also need to have a large plastic bowl to put your food. Get a reusable plastic bowl that you can store in your cabinet when you’re not using it. Choose the one that’s big enough to fit all the snacks that you and your friend will it for movie night. You can even use it to make pasta with your friends.

3. Blankets

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Adding blankets is another excellent way to decorate your living room area. Not only is a great piece to make your space feel cosy, but it will also make everyone feel warm and comfortable while watching a movie. You can set a few blankets around your living room area for each of your guests.

4. Drinks

Depending on your kind of movie night, you can choose any various beverages for the party. You can prepare a mulled wine for everyone to enjoy. You can also arrange a few beers or even a hot chocolate with a shot of Tia Maria to give it a different flavor.

5. TV monitor

You don’t need to have a projector to make your movie night fun. All you need to prepare is your TV monitor, and you’re all set. But in a situation where you don’t have one, then getting a cheap TV monitor would do. If you think about it, flat screen monitors are quite affordable these days. At this point, getting one can be an investment that you can use any time you want.

6. A good movie

Lastly, your movie night won’t be complete without a good movie to watch. Whether it’s new or something old, ensure that everyone will enjoy it. In Two Homes suggests choosing movies from online streaming sites such as Amazon Prime or Netflix to get access to the best movies.

Preparing for a movie night is a great way to spend your night on a Friday night. Not only is it much cheaper, but you get to enjoy the company of your friends without anyone to disturb you.

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