Best Homemade Pre-Basketball Game Meals for Better Performance

Basketball is regarded to be one of the most popular sports in the world. It is very popular in the U.S., the Philippines, Australia, Canada, and Iraq to name a few ( At the places where it is popular, athletes play a lot but fans play the sport even more.

Pick up games and make shift leagues have spread throughout these countries wherein, kids and working adults have make it a habit of playing after school and after working in the office.

Nutrition in playing basketball is as important as buying branded, expensive gears and most of the people who play, prepare as much and have questions on which meals are best before hitting the hardwood.

Most players are not well-informed in the meals that are important before engaging on the court to keep their performance levels up. Also, most questions revolve around on how to prepare these meals.

Awesome meals, two-three hours before playing consists of food that are light and full of energy that can be sustained as a basketball game progresses. They must consist of protein for recovery, carbohydrates for energy, and at the same time it will not be heavy and be an issue on the stomach.

Here are some simple pre-basketball meals that can be prepared at home and put basketball players in a good position to perform better before the game:
Scrambled eggs and wheat bread

Eggs of course are a great source of protein, and wheat bread is easy on the stomach which also releases carbs late to last longer while the game goes on.

This dish is very easy to prepare two-three hours before a game. Just take a couple of eggs, crack them open on a bowl, beat and place over a hot pan and serve. The wheat bread is definitely easy to find in the nearest convenience store. There are lots of benefits in considering wheat bread before playing basketball as it muscle fuel to aid you to keep on going in a game.
Boiled potatoes with Broccoli

Nothing like preparing something really healthy and perfect before a game of basketball. Potatoes are not just easy to get around the house but also very helpful on getting extra energy from. An excellent substitute for rice but not as heavy. Potatoes are a great source of carbohydrates for energy and broccoli of course is a very good compliment.

Broccoli has always been best regarded in bodybuilders. It contains indoles or indole-3-carbinol -I3C, which helps maintain testosterone levels in the body naturally. Having this green prior to playing a game of hoops is an awesome way to sustain performance.

Oatmeal with fruits

Much like the wheat bread, an oatmeal settles in well in the stomach and it is a very light meal before a basketball game. Just add some hot water on the oatmeal mix and you can have yourself a nice dose of energy effective and ready to be used by the body once the action starts.

Fruits of course is a super sidekick of the oatmeal, giving it more flavor, making it healthier but at the same time is easily absorbed by the body. Berries like blueberries and strawberries make a good easily accessible sweetener for this pre-game meal.

Yogurt and veggie salad

For basketball players out there who really bring their A-game to the court and maintain their figure, this one’s for you.

Full of healthy ingredients in this meal combination, the vegetables will give you the nutrients your body needs and help the body distribute oxygen to the other parts. Still rich in protein and carbohydrates, yogurt and vegetables before playing ball is very effective for players to stay light during a game.

For the yogurt, you can either buy from your nearest supermarket or prepare it yourself. One tip, just find the best milk for you for optimum taste. The process of preparing a homemade yogurt is:

  • Heat the milk.
  • Cool the milk.
  • Thin the yogurt with milk.
  • Whisk the thinned yogurt into the milk. Transfer the pot to the (turned-off) oven.
  • Wait for the yogurt to set.
  • Cool the yogurt.

( salad

Sustainable energy is one of the things basketball players would love to develop. Hence the hours of training in the gym. Running, weightlifting and circuit training to name a few. Drills and drills geared towards improving stamina and strength.

Food intake to help both strength and recovery is imperative. Chicken is a great source of protein that keeps basketball players powerful and balanced throughout the game.

This recipe can also be easily available at home and it quite simple to prepare. Best way is to boil some chicken, preferably the breast part. Add some lettuce and tomatoes and to make it more interesting some vinaigrette.

Tuna and dried wheat crackers
Fast and very easy to prepare, almost no effort required and at the same time healthy and very light on the stomach.

Tuna has high amounts protein that’s easily broken down once a basketball game starts. The wheat crackers would compliment in taste that make this fast and easy snack before a basketball game much more desirable.

Ingredients are simple, your favorite canned tuna and some crackers and a player is all set for action.
Protein smoothies

Both refreshing and high in energy meal preparation is a scoop of protein powder and with fruits. A variety would be berries, bananas or avocado. High also in fiber this pre-basketball game refreshment will add a tub of enthusiasm prior on getting it down on the hardwood.

Protein smoothies for basketball is fair uncomplicated as all you need is your blender, some ice cubes, your favorite protein powder and favorite fruits. Two to three hours before a game just prepare one up to the body ready and in shape at the same time.

The breakdown

In summary, pre-basketball game meals need to be quick to prepare, easily accessible, hearty and light on the stomach, and full of energy giving elements such as:

  • Proteins
  • Carbohydrates
  • Fiber
  • Vitamins

Other essentials not to be forgotten before engaging in a basketball game is your hydration. A sports drink or simply water is very important to always have and taken before games. In males, the body would sweat a lot, about an average of 35.1 ± 5.7 oz/h (

Keeping the body hydrated improves performance and decreases the occurrence dehydration and muscle cramps.

Basketball players before the game should also avoid greasy and salty foods like:

  • Peanut butter
  •  Fried preparations
  •  A bag of chips
  •  Desserts high in sugar
  •  Pork

Avoiding these meals increase performance as salt absorbs fluids and holds it in dehydrating the body and limits optimum performance. Ingesting fatty foods before a basketball game makes the body sluggish. Greasy foods are also hard and takes the body longer to digest adding to the feelings of being sluggish.

It is important for players to learn quick meals they can create and prepare at home to be able to bring their A-game each performance. Basketball players also need to understand that training in the gym and learning what fuels the performance through an educated diet is equally important.

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