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Why Millennials Are Open to Traveling With a New Partner

They say that one of the safest ways to travel is to do this with people you know well. But then, traveling is also a great way to know more about a new friend, especially a potential partner. Unlike older generations, millennials are more likely to take their new partners out on a trip. But does it make sense to spend quality time traveling when you are still in the very early stage of dating?

Why It Makes Sense to Travel With a New Partner

Traveling offers many perks to people who want to get to know their significant other better. Some people are lucky to have known their partners long enough to be comfortable sharing a trip together. But for those who recently met on dating sites, through a friend, or with the help of a professional matchmaker, there are reasons to consider traveling as one of your go-to date ideas.

For one, you get to experience rare situations that make it easier to get to know the other person better. Remember that traveling is not all fun and games. You two will be exposed to different situations, making it easier for you to see how well you both respond to said stressors.

Traveling also enables you to share a common interest. This is especially true if you and your new partner’s interests involve meeting new people, exploring new places, experiencing new experiences, and the like. You might even find that you both share another hobby you totally forget to tell share with each other.

The ability to take a break from reality is another perk of traveling with a significant other. Your usual stressors at work and home can take a toll on your relationship. By enjoying the chance to take a break from reality, you and your new partner can create wonderful memories that last.

Why Millennials Travel a Lot

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Millennials love to travel a lot since they get to experience that sense of freedom. Problems and issues can easily wear you down. By physically removing themselves from their usual stressful environment, millennials get to enjoy the greater things in life.

They also like to experience a new culture that can be a polar opposite compared to their usual lifestyle. When one travels, they get exposed to different things, experiences, and people. Even if you work in an industry that enables you to meet someone new from all walks of life, nothing can beat the experience of meeting someone new along with their culture through raveling.

Millennials also like to use traveling as their way of staying fit. Unlike Baby Boomers and other older generations, millennials are more likely to use other forms of transport. Since they are also advocates of sustainability, you can see them exploring travel destinations by walking, biking, roller skating, and using other eco-friendly transportation options.

The need for self-discovery also prompts many millennials to travel. Their desire to push themselves to the limit, find out what else they are capable of, and the need to learn new things about themselves makes them crave going on a travel spree.

Don’t forget about the influence of social media on millennials. Being tech-savvy and active social media users made it easier for them to find today’s hottest tourist destinations and unexplored tourist spots. With such information readily available on the internet, it is no surprise why more people are enticed to book their next trip.

How Millennials Can Afford Travel

One might ask how millennials can afford their constant hunger for traveling. Since many millennials struggle financially, they resort to cheap and affordable ways of traveling by focusing on the experience. They know that one does not necessarily have to splurge and blow their bank accounts just to have a memorable trip.

Millennials are after authentic experiences. They would rather skip the costly tourist traps and do how the locals would when visiting a place. This involves enjoying local street foods and markets, choosing hostels instead of hotels, and traveling off-season to avoid the crowd.

Some would utilize their network when visiting new places. They are more than willing to visit a new destination if they have friends or family who reside in the area and can recommend cheap places to stay and affordable activities to enjoy. Some millennials found that house sitting can be a great way to travel to a new place and get paid for sitting where they will be staying for a few days and nights.

This goes to show that traveling with a new significant other is not such a bad idea. You both can enjoy new experiences, explore new places, and get to know new people and cultures while building lasting memories together. You can get to know each other on another level while nurturing your love of traveling. Millennials can do this without blowing their travel budget.


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