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No Idea is a Bad idea for a Valentine’s Date

After spending the holiday season with your family and loved ones, you may now be back to your daily grind in the office of taking calls, filing reports and etc. Or you may be one of those who still has the holiday hangover that you’d want to extend the season of love and giving this month of February.

If you’re planning to go out and give a Valentine treat to your special someone, here are some romantic ideas that might want to try for this year.

Breakfast Date

Who doesn’t love breakfast?  If you’re not a morning person, then try to change the routine for once and go out with a breakfast date with your special someone.  You may visit a place like T.C. Eggington’s and check out their menu that’s guaranteed to be freshly made every day.

Or you can also check out the local cafe in your area that offers a heartwarming breakfast meal.

Surprise your loved one too with a bouquet of fresh flowers that they could bring to the office. If she is a foodie, then, you could ask some chef to prep you up with a bacon bouquet. It really pays to think out of the box for this year just to show your effort and love this time around.

Staying in and Be Intimate

Young loving couple in the bedAre you in one of those areas where the weather is not really your best friend at this time? Then, how about staying in and order your favorite takeout meal? Enjoy eating sitting next to the fireplace together.  You can also enjoy talking intimately and grab this opportunity to really have a heart to heart talk with your loved one.

In this day and age, a face to face conversation will mean more than just a sit down with your other half.

Enrolling in.. Something

When was the last time you tried doing something completely out of character? Have you tried enrolling in a dance class about Chile’s Cueca? Or maybe learning the almost-magical art of making coffee the traditional Turkish way?

There is an almost endless list of new activities or hobbies you can learn with your girlfriend or boyfriend. You will know just how many once you try one of them.

Hit the Road

When was the last time you took your favorite out for a long joy ride? Valentine’s Day, despite being a day dead reserved for traditional romance, a spontaneous trip with nothing but coffee, chips, and soda for nutrition is really one of the best gifts.

If you have been lacking in quality time, this is just about the most romantic way to reconnect in this day of hearts.

Reliving Memories

ouple Enjoying Beautiful SunsetGo down to the beach near you or a lake where you can go boating or skinny dipping? You need to remind your loved one of how everything started and where you are now.  Don’t you just love the extended season of giving love and sharing it with the ones that matter the most?

If you are already making last minute preparations, make sure to be as spontaneous as possible to make everything natural.  Don’t go gaga over the details so much. What is more important during this time is that you’ll both have a memorable and enjoyable time together.

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