Small Towns You Should Visit on Your Next Vacation

When planning a vacation, some people prefer big cities, while others prefer small towns. Small towns offer a more intimate and authentic experience and, often, are more budget-friendly. If you’re planning your next vacation and are undecided on where to go, consider visiting one of these small towns from around the world.

Jodhpur, India

This blue city, located in the heart of Rajasthan, is a must-see. The buildings in the town are all shades of blue, which is meant to represent the Hindusim god Vishnu.

In addition to being visually stunning, Jodhpur is also home to some of India’s best food. Make sure to try the laal maas, a spicy mutton dish cooked in clarified butter and served with chapati or rice.

Jodhpur is an all-year destination, but winter is the best time to visit when the temperatures are milder. During these months, you can also enjoy the annual Marwar Festival, which celebrates local culture and music.

Guatape, Colombia

This Colombian town is nestled in the foothills of the El Peñol-Guatapé rock monolith. The colorful and vibrant homes and the winding streets make it an exciting place to wander around.

Stop at one of the many cafes for delicious and authentic Colombian coffee when ready for a break. There is also the option to take a boat tour of the nearby lake or hike up El Peñol for incredible views.

If you’re looking for a fun day trip from Medellin, consider taking a tour of Guatape. Several companies offer Guatape tour services, including transportation, lunch, and boat or hiking tours of the area. Guatape is a beautiful town with winding streets and colorful homes, so it’s worth a visit.

The best time to visit this place is usually during the dry season, which runs from December to March. During this time, temperatures are mild, and rainfall is low. If you’re looking to do some hiking or boat tours, the dry season is also the best time to visit.

Ciempozuelos, Spain

Located just south of Madrid, this town is known for its slow pace. Ciempozuelos is the perfect place to relax and recharge. The town is home to several parks and gardens where you can take a stroll or have a picnic lunch.

For those interested in art, there are also several museums worth visiting. If you get hungry, try the town’s specialty dish—a spinach and chickpea stew called espinacas con garbanzos.

The town is situated on the banks of the River Tajo and offers stunning views of the surrounding countryside. It has several small hotels, guest houses, and plenty of restaurants and cafes to enjoy. Visitors can also take advantage of the town’s many outdoor activities, such as hiking, cycling, and canoeing.

Lillehammer, Norway

Lillehammer made headlines in 1994 when it hosted the Winter Olympics, but this Norwegian town has so much more to offer than just Olympic history. Lillehammer is in the mountains, so it’s the perfect place for outdoor activities like hiking, snowboarding, and skiing.

And when you need a break from all the activity, plenty of restaurants and cafes serve traditional Norwegian dishes like lutefisk (dried cod) and Moenkopi (fermented grasshoppers).

In addition, Lillehammer is home to several museums and cultural attractions, making it an ideal destination for those who want to learn more about Norwegian history and culture.

Bibury, England

This picturesque village in the Cotswolds region is often called “the most beautiful village in England.” Bibury is home to Arlington Row—a row of 14th-century weavers’ cottages converted into apartments—and the Bibury Trout Farm, where you can fish for dinner. While in Bibury, grab a bite at The Swan Inn—one of England’s oldest pubs dating back to 1575.

It is well-known for its picturesque streets, lined with stone houses and quaint shops. Outdoor enthusiasts can also enjoy hiking and biking in the nearby countryside or fly-fishing in Bibury’s rivers.

Cannon Beach, Oregon

Person Walking on Seashore

Cannon Beach is a small town located on the Oregon Coast, about 90 minutes from Portland. The town is known for its picturesque beaches, perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and surfing.

Haystack Rock, which stands 235 feet tall and is home to seabirds like puffins and cormorants, is one of its most popular beaches. In addition to its natural beauty, Cannon Beach is also home to several art galleries featuring local artists and delicious seafood restaurants serving fresh catches from the Pacific Ocean.

The area also boasts several hiking trails, as well as several shops and restaurants. Visitors can also find accommodations in Cannon Beach, from camping sites to vacation rental homes.

So many unique small towns worldwide are just waiting to be explored. If you’re looking for somewhere new to visit on your next vacation, consider one of these small towns—you won’t be disappointed!

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