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The Swiss Alps Adventure: The Places to Go and Sights to See

Any adventurer or outdoor explorer would not want to miss hiking adventures at one of the coolest places on Earth. Switzerland offers breathtaking views and one-of-a-kind hiking trails, and Zermatt is one of the famous places that people visit for an adventure.

Switzerland is comprised of 26 cantons or member states that make up the Swiss Confederation. One of which is Zermatt. This is a municipality located in the canton of Valais, in the district of Visp. It is part of the German-speaking area of Switzerland and has a population of 5,800, according to the Swiss Federal Statistical Office. Zermatt is famous for mountaineering and skiing because it is located in the Swiss Alps, which means fine powder and sweeping slopes for ski enthusiasts.

Aside from skiing and mountaineering, Zermatt is also a popular hiking destination because tourists can make the most of the view while being physically active. The area is also popularly known for the mountain peak Matterhorn, which has a distinct triangular shape. It is the mountain that is seen on the Toblerone chocolate logo.

Here are other things that visitors can do at Zermatt:

Matterhorn Glacier Paradise

Matterhorn is where Europe’s highest cable car station where visitors can see 38 mountain peaks and 14 glaciers at once through its panoramic platform during good weather. The Glacier Palace offers entertainment for everyone, and it has ice sculptures and a slide made of ice. Snow tubing is also a fun activity to ride the slopes.

Matterhorn Museum

A go-to place in Zermatt is its museums that are rich in history. One is the state-of-the-art Matterhorn Museum. Visitors are given a glimpse of the fascinating life of a Valaisian village. It also displays the dawn of tourism in Zermatt and the climbing attempts in Matterhorn and remembrance of those whose lives were claimed.

Ricola Herb Garden

Famous for their herby sweets, Ricola has a garden perfect for short hikes for visitors. Located at Blatten, this herb garden features 13 herbs that are included in making the sweet treats. Blatten can be reached through the Matterhorn Express cable car.

Forest Fun Park

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Forest Fun Park is great to be explored during the summer where visitors can get a clear view of the forest and the peaks that surround Zermatt. It features a rope park with ropeways and suspension bridges that are for the adventurous spirit. Anyone can try the Forest Fun Park if they want to spend two to four hours of their day trip before heading to other spots at Zermatt.

Zermatt has tons of accommodation for any traveler since tourism is its primary source of income. Accommodations range from hotels to hostels, fit for any budget. Hotel Astoria is one of the famous places where people check-in because of its reasonable price. Hotel Alphubel is also a choice for travelers with its comfortable and modest setting away from the main street. There is also the Matterhorn Hostel Zermatt with impressive facilities. People choose to stay in this hostel because of its proximity to the city and access to the mountains.

The Swiss Alps are more than just a ski and mountaineering destination. It is also filled with fun activities that the whole family can enjoy. Come and escape to Zermatt, where travelers can enjoy being one with nature.

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