Captain Planet

Captain Planet - Cicada
licenseCicada|Captain Planet

hometown: Los Angeles

categories: Breakbeat, Electronic, Hip-Hop

for fans of: RJD2, Thievery Corporation, Nightmares on Wax

why you should check them out:
Captain Planet had us at his self-proclaimed genre of "Gumbo Funk". The globe-trotting beat maker returns with the single "Cicada" from his brand new album Esperanto Slang. The track illuminates Captain Planet's fluency in bridging genre's and continents through rhythm.

Throughout the album, border-crossing collaborations seamlessly translate the musical synergies between global dancefloor cultures. Blending a wide range of styles from NY hip-hop, UK bass and Turkish psychedelic, to Nigerian afrobeat and Amazonian funk, Esperanto Slang demonstrates that Captain Planet's trademark sound has matured into a truly unique form of electronic music, connecting scenes and languages worldwide through his unique sonic thesaurus.


Will Magid

Will Magid - Cuban Swing
licenseCuban Swing|Will Magid

hometown: San Francisco

categories: Breakbeat, Electronic, Jazz

for fans of: Parov Stelar, Cab Calloway, Bonobo, Caravan Palace

why you should check them out:
Will’s music is for the joyous. Nothing short of a collection of sounds, layering familiar with the curious, building imaginary worlds somehow both strange and close to home. 

His music will take you to Havana in the summertime. To West Africa for a wedding and, simultaneously, to a dance club along the Seine. One moment it’s reminiscent of a 1920's speakeasy, then off to the cusp of the end of the world where people are dancing as if nothing’s left to lose. While he’s devoted to his trumpet, Will is truly a multi-instrumentalist producer - his unique style of live performance and electronic sampling seamlessly blend original music with sounds from across the globe.  The resulting pieces are buoyant jams packed with rich layers of celebratory horns, bouncing percussion, classical strings and even a bit of ambient noise. 


Telemetry Orchestra

Telemetry Orchestra - Under the Cherry Tree
licenseUnder the Cherry Tree|Telemetry Orchestra

hometown: Sydney, Australia

categories: Alternative, Indie, Psychedelic, rock

for fans of: Caribou, Animal Collective, Stereolab

why you should check them out:
We uncovered this awesome 3-person band while searching for local Australian music and were very pleasantly surprised.  Atmospheric, electronic and groove-based rollicks of voice layered over steady percussion and dreamy keyboards and guitar make for good soundtrack material.  This single “Under the Cherry Tree” was released awhile ago, but we’re reviving it here. Great stuff!

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