Hydrogen Sea

Hydrogen Sea

Hydrogen Sea - Wear Out
licenseWear Out|Hydrogen Sea

hometown: Brussels, Belgium

categories: Alternative, Dream Pop

for fans of: Pure Bathing Culture, Gem Club, Laura Groves

why you should check them out:
Ethereal and moody like a cold Belgian morning, Hydrogen Sea is the perfect soundtrack to long and hazy days ahead. Combining strong instrumentation with emotive lyrics, this duo is making inroads with starry-eyed dreamers everywhere.



Yellerkin - Solar Laws

hometown: Brooklyn, NY

categories: Dream Pop, Electronic, Experimental Folk, Psychedelic

for fans of: Baby Alpaca, Youth Lagoon, Fleet Foxes

why you should check them out:
Yellerkin, the Brooklyn-based duo of Adrian Galvin and Luca Buccellati, play bedroom pop with a smattering of folk and electronica. The duo’s self-titled EP is a leisurely jaunt rife with vocal melodies, building rhythms, and an overarching sense of youth in motion. Though it’s short in nature, the eclectic mix of sounds and ideas results in an engrossing journey.

Eagulls, courtesy Sandy Kim


Eagulls - Possessed

hometown: Leeds, England

categories: Indie Rock, Post-Punk, Shoegaze

for fans of: Peace, Savages, Cloud Nothings

why you should check them out:
That’s where I like my punk to be. Teetering on the brink of madness and anarchy - maybe even dipping a toe - but never fully diving in. Eagulls thread this line perfectly. With a sound that will make you think they have a 20 member band instead of 5, Eagulls are set to cater to all your angst and emotion - just don’t blow your speakers out.

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