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Can Your Diet Affect Your Productivity At Work?

Nutrition plays an integral part in everyone’s lives. That’s why eating the right kind of food is a must to maintain a healthy lifestyle. But diet isn’t just about weight loss. It also affects a person’s productivity at work.

Brigham Young University in Provo says that employees engaged in unhealthy diets have a 66 percent chance of experiencing a dip in their productivity because of lack of energy. Even more, those who rarely eat fruits and vegetables were 93 percent more prone to have a higher loss in their productivity.

The connection between proper nutrition and employee productivity

Most people often teach their children to eat a heavy meal before an exam to make sure that they can function throughout the day. That’s because sleep, exercise, and diet can change the mental function of a person.

Executive Style says that the energy from the food we eat can fuel the body’s electrical impulses to help a person learn better. It also has an effect on their memory as well as their ability to perform other cognitive tasks. But not all kinds of food have the same effect.

Eating fast food and drinking energy drinks can affect the person’s ability to learn as well as his memory. The same happens when consuming high-sugar foods. Refined sugar and processed carbohydrates can cause your blood glucose to spike, affecting your concentration levels as a result.

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Essential nutrients for better brain function

The type of meals that you eat during a particular time of the day has a significant impact on your stamina and mental alertness. That’s why you need to consume the right nutrients for your brain to function correctly.

One of the key nutrients that you can start with is low glycaemic index carbs. This nutrient helps you get a steady supply of glucose, which goes towards the brain. It helps the person improve his concentration and sharpen his memory. It also helps facilitate learning, too. You can get this once you have selected a lunch delivery in Melbourne who provides quinoa and other seasonal vegetables.

Another nutrient that you want to consume daily is B Group vitamins. Folic acid as well as Vitamin B6, B12 can help your brain use glucose to its full potential. B vitamins also help with the composition of neurotransmitters, which help the body regulate a person’s mood. Having low levels of these B Group vitamins can result in an increase in stress levels. There are even cases where low B vitamins lead to depression. You can get these nutrients from eating dark green leafy vegetables as well as cheese and eggs.

Healthy fats and oils

Not all fats are harmful to your body. There are some that your body needs to function at its best. A person’s brain is comprised of fat. That’s why experts say that it’s essential that you feed it with the right type. Essential fatty acids found in oily fish such as salmon and sardines can help you get the right level of nutrients that you need. It’ll also help you focus better and become more productive at work.

So, if you have an important report within the day, ensure that you carefully plan your meals in advance to help your brain function properly. Having a nutritious breakfast every day can help improve your performance on various tasks.

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