Weighlifter’s Guide On Post-Workout Nutrition At Home

Many people today are well informed on investing in their bodies through the food that they choose to ingest. Along with a sturdy diet, they enroll and invest themselves in to local gyms. The lifestyle of choose the food to eat and being a member of a gym, in some, is expensive.

They compromise either, having a great gym with all the benefits of being able to attend any franchise branches accessible to them, which is a higher tier but choosing to eat at home. Or their getting post-workout nutrition in restaurants which more expensive and going to local gyms but the training and equipment is not enough.

For people who chooses to prepare food at home, this would be a guide on getting the same amount of nutrition after a workout that can be easily done at the convenience of your own home.

Studies show that building muscles need proper food groups and preparations to either maintain, grow or lose muscles or fat. With the help of a proper diet, workout goals are very attainable.

Meal preparations when weightlifting to grow

Heavy weightlifting and staying long hours in the gym spends a lot of energy in the body. Hence, if your goal is to build muscles and grow an inch or two on your chest and arms, The protein and your calorie intake must increase.

Prepare a hefty chicken sandwich

For sandwich lovers, this is for you. Chicken is high in protein, and team it whole a whole-grain bread, some eggs, tomatoes, onions and some fried potato wedges on the side. Add some mayonnaise to increase the calorie count on this bad boy.

Boil the chicken and cut it into chucks. The best part would the breast-part of the chicken. Prepare the scrambled eggs, cut the tomatoes and the onions. The potato wedges can either be boiled or fried. Salt at moderate amounts on the potato wedges will be a great taste buster.

Tuna omelette supreme rice meal

Canned tuna or fresh tuna, they are very high in protein. What’s great about processed tuna is that they have added parts of it that can be great for the heart as well. Putting it along in an omelette is just fast, simple and can be cooked in minutes only after the workout. A preferred meal after a workout is 30 minutes as the body looks for recovery around that time. This post-workout meal is one of the easiest to do at home. Even for individuals who are not experts in the kitchen, they can just open up videos on social media and imitate the process.

To make it more jazzy for this meal, and make your post-workout feast a winner, add your rice and you can sauté it in either butter or margarine. In your tuna omelette, add onions, tomatoes, cheese, pepper and milk to add spunk to this hearty meal.

For muscle gain, just remember to add a bit more of serving to everything. A bit more protein, a bit more carbohydrates. A pinch of salt here or there on the meals but still be responsible with your sugar levels and blood pressure.

“Looking to maintain my figure” meals at home

A lot of gym-goers also try to maintain their current figures. Other people struggle because they fail to compliment it along with proper meals. Here are a couple of meals that can be done at home which can help just preserve your current weight or muscle mass.

BLT on a whole grain bread

“BLT” is for bacon, lettuce and tomatoes. A myth is that we can’t have fun with meals we take when on an exercise program or trying to not gain weight. This meal is designed to keep gains within normal ranges and at the same time, spoil you with some bacon.

The lettuce and the tomato would be for adding the lightness to the meal while having greens to provide oxygen in the body. You will get your carbohydrates with the whole grain and a bit of protein just enough to make the body recover. With some calories in the bacon this post-workout meal is perfect to be prepared at home.

Sandwiches are a great way for keeping up with the demands of the workout while staying healthy and the fulfillment of recovery. You can either add some mayonnaise or pepper and other condiments of your liking as long as you keep it to a minimum. The key to maintaining your weight and preparing the meals at home is religiously be conscious on the amounts you put into each serving. Make sure to keep tabs of them handy, this is another way to use the “note” feature in your mobile phones.

Spiced ham and brown rice

For non-sandwich lovers, this is for you. Very easy to prepare and fairly quick to provide recovery and also light on the stomach. For meals at home after your workout or weightlifting, you still need to build muscles without adding additional fat to your muscle mass.

For the spiced ham, it can be either raw or just heated or can also be fried with melted sugar to give it some flavor.

With all the health benefits you can get from brown rice, the most significant in helping in maintain body weight and muscle mass is that it is low in cholesterol which is important if your building muscles at the same time maintaining your ideal weight.

Great meals at home to fight obesity after workout


Peanut butter and bananas with hard boiled egg

We have already established that protein is very important and an essential component for recovery. This meal would balance calories and protein from the egg and peanut butter while controlling them with the fiber in bananas. Sugar levels go down when working out and they need to be replenished. Peanut butter is both sugar and protein. Good cholesterol is in the hardened yolk in the egg.

Avocados in chicken salad

For this meal, it is a bit new for some of you but avocados are great for your stomach’s health and it is very delicious mixed with chicken chunks and some greens. You can be creative with some flavoring like the dressing and the vinaigrette, just remember to keep sugar down and salt to a minimum.

Energy after a workout is imperative to keep overall health at check. Fiber form the avocado and protein from the chicken compliments all the goodness we get from the greens. It is also important to make meals made at home at a variety for us to maintain the habit and get to our workout goals.

Greens and the avocado can also help move toxic elements in the body naturally by helping the bowel movement at normal bouts.

Have fun with the meal preparations after workouts so you could keep up with the loses or succeed in your gains. Always choose meals that are fresh as possible for optimal results.

Remember to keep sugar and salt to a minimum and avoid high cholesterol food choices for effective wins after a hard training session. Sugar and cholesterol at increased servings results to bad weight gains and salt makes you retain fluid making it hard to maintain weight.

Make sure to keep tabs on your normal body mass and your weight to effectively monitor results.

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