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Coworking Trend: Why Big Corporations See It as an Opportunity to Grow their Business

Coworking offices have reached rapid popularity over the years, providing an upscale and more engaging work environment for telecommuters, freelancers, solopreneurs, and start-up businesses. Today’s coworking sites are equipped with chic interior design, high-tech security, and meeting rooms that can accommodate hundreds of participants. They also provide the same amenities traditional offices have like printing services, conference calls, and fast internet and Wi-Fi connectivity.

But aside from attractive workspaces that enable creative-thinking and collaboration, serviced offices have become more appealing to large companies and industry leaders – for a number of reasons.

Improved employee productivity

Quest Workspaces, a leading provider of meeting rooms in Miami as well as in other parts of the US, believes that a posh, functional workplace creates a conducive environment for creativity and network building.

Companies have their own strategists, developers, and researchers – the creative types who constantly look for inspiration so they can think up the next great idea. Shared workspaces provide them with the option to work away from their company’s headquarters and allows them to focus on producing ground-breaking concepts and create improvements in existing business processes.

Coworking spaces also let employees work in a less formal setting where they can freely exchange ideas with peers and stay up-to-date with the latest trends and changes in the industry.

Pool of diverse talents

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As coworking spaces provide a relaxed venue for interaction and collaboration, companies can easily meet with independent professionals and experts who can possibly bring in innovative ideas the company can use in developing strategies as well as touch base with industry start-ups that can pave the way for business partnerships.

Companies also gain access to a pool of promising talents, both locally or globally, who can potentially add value to an organization either by introducing new business ideas or filling critical positions.

Convenient for employees

As coworking workspaces have multiple locations in a city or state, employees can choose to work somewhere nearby, letting them have a shorter commute and allowing them to do other things after work, like go to the gym or run errands.

Companies save on operating costs

Membership agreements in most coworking sites range in length between thirty days to one year, giving members the flexibility to pay only for the time they need the space.

Same with start-up businesses, this arrangement can also help large companies reduce their budget for operating and maintenance costs. They don’t have to worry about paying for commercial lease, water, electricity, and other utility bills. They also don’t need to buy furniture and office equipment are spend on renovation and repair costs.

Coworking offices constantly evolve, improving their services and facilities in order to sustain the changing demands of the global workforce. As this happens, more and more corporations begin to recognize that coworking sites not only operate as an alternative to classic offices or to attract the younger generation, but they also provide the opportunity to recruit in-demand talents, stay updated with emerging trends, motivate their employees, and build partnerships while reducing company costs.

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