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Memorable Ways to Send a Bride Off to Wedded Bliss

Send off your best friend to her wedded bliss in style with a memorable hen party with her closest friends. These gatherings are an excellent way for the bride to bond with her girls one last time as a bachelorette before spousal or parenting obligations take over. It is also a valid excuse for the ladies to have some more cheeky fun than the usual girl’s night out. Here are some memorable hen party ideas that the bride and her entourage will surely enjoy.

Weekend Inspirations

A hen party doesn’t need to be squeezed into 24 hours or less. Plan for the ultimate multi-day getaway for some all-out chit chat, pampering and partying. This might be the last chance the bride can get away and do something similar, so it can be worthwhile to pull all the stops — no need to choose between bonding and partying for a main hen night activity. You can hit all goals within an all-girl weekend getaway. Take a spa break in Bath with all the girls in tow before some serious pre-wedding partying. Enjoy luxurious thermal pools and beauty treatments to get everyone looking their best before the big day.

Day Activities

Girls with balloons

Hen parties don’t need to start after dark. Start early and maximise the time with the girls with some fun activities to create memories for the bride as she enters this next chapter in her life. Organise a class to start the festivities. You can hire a professional makeup artist to teach a lesson for the bride and the rest of the entourage. Doing so can get them ready for the rest of the festivities. Next, learn how to create cocktails through a mixology class to get the drinking and chatter started. Continue the night with a multi-course gourmet dinner before painting the town red. If partying is not the bride’s cup of tea, replace the clubbing with a night of pampering with a full body massage and other spa treatments.

Night Options

Some women want to let loose and let go for a cheeky and boozy night before tying the knot. Prepare to be out all night with some sexy plans in store for the bride and her bridesmaids. Book a cruise where a captain hosts a free party along the Thames. If the girls want to go around town, consider booking a party bus or a limousine for a memorable party on wheels. If the girls are looking for some more action, find a Dreamboys Show or Adonis Cabaret for some serious hen night adventures. If you want some privacy yet some scintillating fun, book a night at a luxurious hotel and some buff butlers to serve the bride and her girls every need.

Hen parties do not need to be centred on cheeky and boozy activities. The important thing is that the bride and her girls have fun, so be willing to talk about other ideas that involve a male model. Consider these options to send off the bride to her wedded bliss with fun memories.

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