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Music and Charity: Planning a Charity Concert in NYC

New York is not just a place for work. It’s also famously known for its Upper East Side, where it’s impossible to take a walk without wanting to purchase something costing more than a month’s salary. It’s also this setting that has drawn in charitable organizations because they know that deep pockets are willing to help if they know what or who needs their help. And so now it falls on the event planner to come up with an event that will honor their charitable organization while giving philanthropists a night to remember. In New York, there are several ways to do this, but all of them should include the following.

Regale them with a String Quartet

A private event space with great acoustics will give a show that’s truly worth remembering. But don’t hire just any string quartet. Spend a little on those who are known for their beautiful performance, so your guests will feel thoroughly thanked for their charitable donations. They say you need to spend a little money to earn money, and this is a good example of that. Guests may be signing checks to go to the charity hosting the event, but they still expect to be greeted with something fun and lavish. And, of course, no organization or planner will want to embarrass themselves with a cheap looking event that looks like it’s been put together at the last minute.

volunteer looking at donation boxSend Out Handwritten Thank-You Notes

In a land governed by money and skyrocketing prices, there’s nothing more sincere and authentic than handwritten thank-you notes. Guests will appreciate the effort you put into thanking each and every single person using a pen and your own words. It may take hours if you have a big guest list, but it’s worth it once you see the smiles on their faces as they leave the venue. Have the handwritten notes waiting for them as they are seated, or conveniently tucked in with the rest of their gift package as they exit. This isn’t supposed to make up for the lack of a touching speech from the charity chairman, of course. Encourage your client to give a heartfelt speech that will spark a connection with guests. When they know that their presence truly means something, they will not hesitate to donate regularly.

Invite Other Artists

If it’s a concert for a charitable cause, you’ll have a headliner to get the event going. That doesn’t mean they should be the only artists you have in the event. It will help publicize the event if other musicians are seen on the scene. This will also help boost donations, especially if you invite guests with supportive fans ready to take up arms to give to the same charity their favorite artist shows support in. It may seem like a cult mentality, but it has transformed lives all over the globe. Don’t underestimate the passion that fans put into supporting their favorite artists. Rather, thank them sincerely for their contribution. Money is hard to come by for many charitable organizations. To plan an event that helps them get all the help they need, add a little heart to the program flow.

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