Practical Must-Haves to Prepare for Your 24/7 Café and Bar

Nowadays, you can find people working for almost all hours of the day. Because of this, food is also in demand at any of those hours, and there’s always an opportunity for business when it’s involved. When you think about it, designing a bar to turn into a daytime café and vice versa can become a profitable venture.  However, you need to put more effort into running it and take more matters into consideration. Here are some must-haves on the material side of matters:


You’re going to need the right kinds of lights for the current setting of your establishment. Get mellow, dimmer LED lights (preferably light yellow or orange) to help create the feeling of a sunlit room in your café. If the place allows for it, you can also make use of the natural light from outside during the day. When the time comes for the bar, you can then turn on the livelier lighting fixtures such as spotlights for the stage and strobes for the dance floor.

Ambient Music

Paired with the proper lighting, music can help set the mood and feel for the different times of the day. From the morning until the middle of the afternoon, you’ll want calm and relaxing music, possibly along the lines of jazz and other related genres. In the evening, upbeat remixes and dance hits are what you’ll need.


You need people to help you manage your business. With this kind of schedule, you need different individuals handling different shifts. The kind of staffing that you have may vary as well, depending on the time. For example, you need to have extra security personnel during the night.

Multipurpose Furniture

bar and bar stools

Considering that there are activities people will do in a café that they won’t in a bar and vice versa, you might want to get yourself furniture that can be used in more than one way. Try to go for portable yet durable furniture and items that can fit the look of both modes of your establishment. Also, consult with furniture dealers regarding style suggestions and possible discounts. If you have a particular idea in mind for these items, then you may want to consider having them custom-made instead.

Ingredients, Tools, and Equipment

Going on for extended hours will not only take a toll on the people but also on the objects and materials that you use in your establishment. You have to closely monitor your supplies to ensure that you don’t run out of items to serve your customers. Finding and keeping reliable suppliers of your tools and equipment like resin serving trays, plates, glasses, spoons, knives, and forks will also prove useful.

Running a 24/7 business would mean that you need to double your efforts to keep the place running in exchange for more profit. You’ll find that it will be quite challenging at first, but it will certainly be doable once you’ve found your ideal workflow. Once you’re able to strike a balance, you’ll be running both modes of your establishment effortlessly and flawlessly.

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